Author A to Z

Essie Fox grew up in Herefordshire, though she now divides her time between Bow in East London, and Windsor - with all three of those places appearing as settings in her novels.

Essie started to write rather late in life, but she had some experience of the trade, working in the world of magazines, and then for Allen & Unwin, the publisher of Tolkien. After the birth of her daughter, she became a commercial artist, which left her free to work from home - before finally seeing the wood for the trees and starting to write a novel.

Essie’s debut, The Somnambulist, was pre-empted by Orion Books and shortlisted for the National Book Awards. Her books are all historical, with decidedly dark and gothic tones. Love and passion are the central themes.

You can find her on Twitter :  @essiefox

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11% of romance readers choose a book because of a recommendation or a review.