Author A to Z

Gilli Allan was born in Kent. Her hobby was writing, but her ambition was to be a commercial artist. After art school she found work as an advertising illustrator.

With the arrival of her son, a reassessment of priorities was needed. Gilli gave up the stressful world of advertising and started writing again. The resulting book quickly found a publisher. Just Before Dawn was first published in 1986. Gilli’s second novel, Desires and Dreams, was first published in 1987. Gilli produced the cover artwork. Sadly, the small independent publisher folded in the early 1990s.

Now living in Gloucestershire, Gilli continues to write unconventional contemporary relationship fiction. She claims to have created a new genre, ‘Reality Romance’, but mainstream publishers remain unconvinced. Her patience exhausted, Gilli has turned to E-publishing for her books Torn and Life Class.

It's a fact

In 2012, sales of romantic fiction in the UK reached £112m. In 2013, this rose to £120m