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Born into the ruins of post-war Germany, Greta Sykes left, after breaking off university studies, for London where the old Georgian and Victorian terraced houses worked their magic on her traumatised sense of the German heritage. She earnt her living by becoming a child psychologist and then teaching psychology at the Institute of Education.

She has written poems and diaries since adolescence and has been a member of the London Voices Poetry Group for many years. She also creates art work for them. Her poems appear in a number of anthologies. She is a member of the Exiled Writers Ink group, contributing to their events.

Her first novel, Under Charred Skies, was published in English. With a focus on the arts and progress during the Weimar Republic, it also covers the catastrophe of destruction during the Nazi era. She received the offer for publication from a German publisher and translated her book into German (Unter Verbranntem Himmel). It is available from the Eulenspiegel Verlag.

Greta Sykes can be found on twitter @g4gaia and Facebook, as well as has a number of essays on and is on German Wikipedia. Her poems and essays are frequently published on

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