Author A to Z

Isabella Connor is the pen name used by collaborators Liv Thomas and Val Olteanu.

An RNA member since 2010, Liv is mum to 5 (6 if you include the Westie) and lives on the South coast of England, where she works for the NHS.

Glasgow-born Val Olteanu lives in Vancouver. As yet, they have still not met physically, and their novels are set in Ireland.

Liv has travelled extensively, to many European countries and to the USA, the Caribbean and North Africa, but an irrational fear of flying means she’s never been on an aeroplane.
If time allows, she likes to compile quizzes, and also to take part in them.

You will find Liv on twitter:  @Livbet

It's a fact

The most popular format for reading romance is a paperback – but only just. In 2013 46.5% of romances were read as an ebook.