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Lisa is a happily married Mum of one with two crazy dogs.  She especially enjoys being creative and has worked as a singer and a learning mentor in Science but now writes full time.

In 2012 Lisa and her family relocated from Yorkshire, England to their beloved Scotland; a place of happy holidays and memories for them. 

Writing has always been something Lisa has enjoyed, although in the past it has centered on poetry and song lyrics some of which you will find in her books.  The story in her debut novel built in her mind for a long while but until the relocation, she never had the time to put it down in black and white; working full time and studying swallowed up any spare time she had.  Making the move north of the border has given Lisa the opportunity to spread her wings and fulfill her dream.  Writing is now a deep passion and she has enjoyed every minute of working towards being published.

You can follow her on twitter at @LivingScottishD

It's a fact

In terms of the value, romance accounted for 12% of all fiction sales in 2013