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Sheila Newberry

Sheila Newberry

I write family sagas, latterly for Robert Hale. There are always children in my books because we brought up nine children in our “Knee Deep in Plums” days, and they are my inspiration! Now, we have twenty-three grandchildren too. 

My stories are mainly about rural life at the turn of the last century, covering the first world war and the 1920’s.  I also write about WW2 and London then, and during the late Victorian era. 

I am a tender writer, shall I say, and I laugh and cry with my characters as they cope with life. I never know the ending of my stories until I reach that point - and then suddenly it is there. I joined the RNA in 1996 and enjoy the enthusiasm and encouragement of my fellow writers. I write memoirs too.  My books are all on Amazon.  I can be contacted through Hale and would be pleased to hear from readers.

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Seven out of ten men regularly soothe their ladies to sleep by reading out loud to them, according to a recent poll.