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Sue Wilsher writes historical saga fiction.  Her debut novel When My Ship Comes In, published by Sphere at Little, Brown, is set in 1950’s Essex.  It is the story of a docker’s wife and her family and their chance for a new life when they move to a factory town. 

Sue grew up in South Essex near a shoe factory and the Thames estuary.  The shoe company housed its workers, including Sue's grandparents and mother. 

After studying experimental psychology at the University of Sussex, Sue did a PhD in psychophysiology at the University of Westminster followed by a research fellowship at University College London where she worked in a research group performing experiments in the human stress lab.  Other jobs have included working in a cardboard box factory and a call centre. 

Sue now lives in Kent with her husband and two children.  Her literary agent is Laura Longrigg at MBA.

You can find her on Twitter :  @SueWilsher

It's a fact

30% of all romances bought in 2013 were fantasy.