Celebrating 50 years of romance

Loves Me Loves Me Not and Fabulous at Fifty book covers

Loves Me Loves Me Not and Fabulous at Fifty book covers

2010 was a very special year for the RNA. It was our 50th anniversary.

Then President Diane Pearson summed it up well. ‘Fifty glorious years in which we have grown to a large organisation second-to-none in our professionalism, creativity and enthusiasm. We have a remarkable year lined up–a year to remember, in which we can look back to our beginning and also look forward to our continuing success.’

Loves Me, Loves Me Not

The celebration began with the publication of Loves Me, Loves Me Not, an anthology of short stories highlighting the talent of members, young and old, published and unpublished. The book, edited by Chair Katie Fforde and Sue Moorcroft, is published by and available online from MIRA Books.

Sue says, ‘All we had to do was ask and our members poured out stories of love in all its guises. Forty-four stories from authors bestselling, favourite and new are packed into this fabulous anthology, published by MIRA Books. A golden book for our golden anniversary. And the stories are pure gold, too, stories of joy and heartbreak, past and present and even a few glimpses of what might be. Or never be. It’s everything you love about romantic fiction in one delicious volume. We challenge you to read it without your heart beating faster!’

Katie agrees: ‘It’s a real privilege and honour to have my name on the front of such a magnificent representation of the RNA’s talent. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate our 50th.’

You can buy Buy Loves Me, Loves Me Not from MIRA or Amazon.

Fabulous at Fifty

On 14 October 2010, the RNA published a second book. Fabulous at Fifty is a series of reminiscences by members, and extracts from the RNA archives, charting the humour and heartbreak, the hard work and the honours of the past 50 years.

Fabulous at Fifty is available for £12.80 (including package and posting) and can be purchased through our secure PayPal online checkout (you can purchase the book through PayPal with or without a PayPal account):

Best love story of the last 50 years - poll winner

In conjunction with Woman’s Weekly and libraries throughout the UK, we invited readers to look back and remember their favourite romantic novels of the last 50 years. The winner was announced at a champagne breakfast in London.

It's a fact

Women find Elizabeth Bennet and Darcy the most romantic couple in fiction but men think it is Romeo and Juliet. However a majority of women under 35 prefer Bridget Jones and Mark Darcy.