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Conference 2011 -The unpredictable journey to Happy-Ever-After

Report published 22 September 2011

Flo Nicholl and Anna Boatman from Mills and Boon:  The Unpredictable Journey to Happy-Ever-After

Flo and Anna explained that an unpredictable story delivers a compelling happy-ever-after. This could be the kind of story where the much loved romantic traditions such as redeeming the bad boy, marriage of convenience, secret baby or the make over themes are told with a new and unique spin on them. It could also be a story where the writer has pushed the boundaries and explored issues such as infidelity or younger heroes. Unpredictability isn’t far fetched plot twists and characters acting out of character, doing unbelievable things.

Conflict it the cornerstone of a satisfying romance. External conflict comes from misunderstandings or overheard conversations and should never be able to be solved by an honest conversation between your hero and heroine. Internal conflict is the emotional obstacles that both characters need to overcome. Use internal conflict to drive the story forward and layer it throughout. Take your characters on a journey to overcome these issues until they reach their happy-ever-after. In order to do this you must know your characters really well; show the reader with action and dialogue.

To bring uniqueness to your story use your voice. Enjoy what your write, infuse your writing, and stretch your imagination. Create original characters with a compelling story to tell, characters that the reader can fall in love with. These characters need to have compelling unique conflicts that will be able to be layered throughout the story. Always create your characters first not your plot. Be original and have fun!

Written by Rachael Thomas

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