Event report

Conference 2012 - Fiction with a romantic twist

Report published 26 July 2012

Saturday’s whistle-stop session with the MIRA editors Kim Young, Jenny Hutton and  Anna Baggaley was fast, funny and very useful. Jenny, Kim and Anna’s pride and enthusiasm when describing their innovative company was palpable as they shared what makes them tick and, more importantly, what they’re actively searching for in the future.

Ten Things You Hate About Us whizzed through a list of common grouches from the general public, including the slowness of the submissions process, closed doors, forbidding gatekeepers and the evil suspicion that not all MSs get a read.

Alternatively, Ten Things We Hate About You had me cringing in my seat at the mention of authors’ over use of clichés, copycat writing, lack of identity as a writer and our nasty habit of ignoring editors in the bar. These ladies don’t deserve to be ignored – they’re not in the least bit scary.

Ten Top Tips For Being Commercial was also pithy and relevant, and we were advised to focus on the story we really want to create rather than the one we feel we should write. All in all, this presentation was an inspiring part of the weekend and I hope to be using my free priority card (with fingers and toes crossed) very soon.

Written by Celia Anderson

It's a fact

Most women believe the quickest way to win a man's affection really is by cooking a romantic meal.