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Conference 2013 - Slushpile Mountaineering

Report published 01 August 2013

Kate Nash – Slushpile Mountaineering

This was a Sunday afternoon extra session, and I found it really helpful. As well as tips for getting a professional submission in (and hopefully your work off the slushpile!),  there was also a chance to discuss the current market in publishing. As a publisher as well as an agent, Kate seemed well informed and experienced to chat about this. Her friendly manner also made it easy to ask questions and have an open discussion.

At what is a time of great and rapid change in Publishing, Kate sees it as an exciting time for writers. The digital market opens up lots of opportunities, making it no longer just about traditional books, but more about content and property/ new formats/world markets. With far lower costs, E-publishers can take risks and trial new writers and new ideas, as well as those who are established.

Kate heads up Pulse Romance who are a digital publishing company and are accepting submissions -  you don’t need an agent. They are interested in action romance and relationship drama. For full details please go to www.pulseromance.com

Kate’s Submission Tips:
Approach it like Job-Hunting – Be Professional.
Keep it relevant.
Do your research – use the internet to check out agents, publishers and send exactly what they ask for.
Take advice.
Know how to format/Use word/ Have a professional looking manuscript.

Kate’s  TOP TIPS for writers:
1. Novels are not real life but must make sense.
2. Show not tell (only tell occasionally).
3. Think cinema/watch tv.
4. Always include emotion.
5. Accept informed criticism.
6. Write from the characters’ POV.
7. Use active tenses – unfolding in real time.
8. Use third person simple past tense – it’s the easiest to write.
9. Make it interesting! (It’s fiction, not real life.)
10. Consider the market (be aware of trends) but be authentic – write what you love to write.

Some other great tips from the talk:
Understand your “Author platform” – try and create your brand, your voice and your social media platforms – Twitter/Facebook/Blogs
Understand the business and economics of publishing – be your own agent as such – check contracts and rights, and read them.
And most importantly - Always remember , there is no substitute for writing a really good book!

Thanks Kate, for a really interesting session.

By Caroline Roberts, New Writers’ Scheme
(Who’s hoping to be off that slush pile very soon!)

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