Event report

Conference 2014 - Love and Death In Romantic Intrigue

Report published 21 July 2014

Sally Quilford gave a very enjoyable talk on Romantic Intrigue, or romantic suspense. Initially giving a brief overview of her career as a writer and how she has published 19 novels, and most of them feature romantic intrigue.

Splitting into small groups we discussed how we would combine both Romance and intrigue genres together. That either the hero or heroine, or both could be the detective, or you can just focus on one of them. And how it was possible to intertwine a love story into a mystery. The most important thing is to wind up the mystery first and then the love story as the happily ever after/ happy for now scenario.

I must admit to wishing there had been a dead body for demonstration purposes, but my husband had gone home after dropping me off the day before .

Sally used the film Romancing the Stone in her demonstration, with a detailed description on how the film makers produced the intrigue whilst seamlessly weaving in the romance.

Romantic intrigue gives you endless opportunities to enjoy two of my favorite genres. After the talk she took questions from the delegates, I have been debating trying my hand at this. I must admit to liking the idea you can kill off people who annoy you in real life.

Report by Charlotte Mcfall

It's a fact

The movie adaptation of EM Hull's romantic novel The Sheik, published in 1919, established Rudolph Valentino as the top male actor of his time.