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Conference 2014 - Reviews Revealed

Report published 21 July 2014

Panel: Charlotte Foreman of Best Chick Lit, Janey Fraser (also writing as Jane Bidder), Judy Astley and Lizzie Lane. Hosted by Sue Moorcroft.

This was a very interesting panel discussion on how to handle reviews, how best to approach reviewers and whether you should ever respond to the not-so-positive ones.
The general consensus of opinion was to ignore the bad ones and share the good ones. Some of the panel were more comfortable with sharing reviews on social media than others but it was agreed that just broadcasting a review and never interacting with your audience would only have a negative impact in the long term.

Charlotte Foreman was of the opinion that most reviewers will stop reading a book they aren’t enjoying rather than waste their time continuing with it and then posting a bad review. Charlotte explained how she and her team of reviewers were genuine book lovers and really devoured the books they read. She felt there was always something positive to say and her aim was to share her love for books with other readers. Charlotte also went on to say that although it is not expected, when an author interacts with her via the blog or social media, it really is very rewarding and lovely to be able to connect in that way.

In summary, promote positive aspects and ignore the negatives. Good sound advice, for some excellent, experience and enlightened writers.

Report by Sue Fortin

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