Event report

Conference 2013 - Feel the Fear

Report published 01 August 2013

Sonia Duggan – Feel the Fear

It was pens and paper out and thinking caps on for a hands-on, practical session from Sonia Duggan to help us unlock our writing potential.  We started by writing down what success meant to each of us, and then how the thought of that success made us feel.  After a quick discussion, we next looked at what’s holding us back and turned our inner-saboteur into a person (I had great fun creating Captain Control, a wanna-be superhero with a cheesy grin and an unhealthy fixation on spandex) to make us more aware of the thoughts running through our heads as we work to become the writers we’ve always wanted to be.

I found the session helpful and enlightening, and I’ll remember one of Sonia’s closing comments: Your thoughts require energy, so make sure you are giving energy to the (positive) thoughts that will move you in the right direction.  I don’t know about anyone else who was there, but I think I have a man in spandex to dispose of…

Report written by Kate Thomson

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