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Conference 2009: Freda Lightfoot: ‘Create a brand – promote yourself without breaking the bank

Report published 19 July 2009

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Speaker Freda Lightfoot

Freda Lightfoot addresses a packed audience

The brand is a guarantee of quality, and readers recognise a brand they like. Today, post the Net Book Agreement, power is not with the writer, who must think as self-employed person, know their target audience and their work - and the way it differs from others in the genre.

Authors need a website, updated regularly. Plan for the year ahead and budget accordingly. Read book2book to stay informed about the book trade. Get on the WI, library, church groups, and pensioners club circuit and talk to potential readers. Ask libraries if they have a budget, accept whatever their normal fee may be. At first you may do it for nothing, or expenses only. Ask them to put up posters and sell tickets, provide a cuppa. Say you will talk about the issue of…whatever your book happens to cover.

Link up with other writers. Produce a newsletter once a quarter.

Contact the media about ten days before publication of your new book. If you appear on live radio, ask what the first question will be and remember they cannot cut or edit if you are live! Have three points in your mind about the book: The title! Why you wrote it! What it is about - have a little anecdote if possible.

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It's a fact

Pamela, or Virtue Rewarded, by Samuel Richardson, published in 1740, is generally considered the first romance novel.