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Conference 2009: ‘How much is too much?’

Report published 19 July 2009

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The panel members

Sue Moorcroft, Liz Gill, Veronica Henry, Louise Allen, Helen Scott Taylor and Catherine Jones

Well, this was different! All the questions had to be couched in terms of “How Much [fill-in-the-blank] is Too Much?”

Chairing the panel, Catherine Jones asked the first question just to get it out of the way and to start the ball rolling:

  • Sex? This is all about context, never gratuitous. Veronica and Liz were both surprised how much they’d included.
  • Research? Mustn’t ever show. Helen likes paranormals where research is just a starting point.
  • Revision? Louise, Veronica & Helen are in favour of minimal revisions. Sue & Liz prefer to polish.
  • Pressure? Tight deadlines are restricting. But Sue finds the pressure of her bank account very inspiring!
  • Backstory? You must know it, but don’t tell the reader unless it’s necessary.
  • Scene-setting? Helen: necessary for paranormals; others minimise.
  • Subplot? Liz, Louise and Sue have no space for subplots. Veronica and Helen like them.
  • Points of view? Veronica flips between lots. Others confine themselves to hero and heroine only.
  • Advance? Everyone agreed that moderation is key and allows for a more even budget.

Report by Kate Johnson


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