Event report

Conference 2014 - Juxtaposition of Thingy aka Writing Comedy

Report published 20 July 2014

It is entirely apt that the seminar on writing comedy was given by Jane Lovering strutting around looking rather lovely in a Penguin onesie and Rhoda Baxter (not strutting or wearing a onesie).

The screen flashed JUXAPOSITION OF THINGY…a phrase which when you think about it is not only extremely funny, but delve deeper, it is actually extremely apt.

Writing comedy is very hard work.  Be it setting up the joke without boring the reader or actually telling a joke that the reader will understand and appreciated, which is not always the case, even though the author may find it hysterically funny.  The reader must get the joke and feel the need to read on.

Our dastardly duo pointed out that comedy writing can really work for the beta hero, who may not be Mr Tall Dark and Rippled but can woe in another way. Think Tony Robinson (aka Sir Balders), he could be the ideal hero, because there are so many levels to him, and his amusing charm can bring the heroine out of her shell.  All in all it was a fascinating and hilarious seminar …very hard to make notes, when I was laughing so much.

I shall conclude my report with a message to Jane “I am sweating like a hippo” Lovering and Rhoda “I am sweating like a penguin” Baxter. Just brilliant!

report by Amanda Ward

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