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Conference 2009: Love in the Library

Report published 19 July 2009

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'Love in the Library' event display

Janet Gover reports:

The conference kicked off in fine style with an extra ‘Love in the Library’ event at Penrith Library on Friday morning. The event attracted so much enthusiasm, that it was divided into two sessions.

RNA Chair Katie Fforde led a lively morning session with Elizabeth Gill, Anna Jacobs, Trisha Ashley, Catherine King, Louise Allen, and Leah Fleming.

In the afternoon, Freda Lightfoot introduced Veronica Henry, Jean Fullerton, Victoria Connelly, Janet Gover, Joanna Maitland, Margaret Barker and Elizabeth Hawksley.

Conference goers joined the locals who came along to chat with their favourite authors in a very friendly atmosphere. Both authors and visitors took advantage of the tea and biscuits to stay and talk long after the formal sessions were over. With chatter and laughter flying thick and fast, one other library user (male) was heard to grumble about those ‘terribly noisy women’. He should have joined the fun.

An added bonus was the big bag of signed books offered by the authors as a door prize.

Our special thinks go to the wonderful library staff who made us so welcome and gave us a lovely lunch, which included a hearty dose of chocolate.

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