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September 2008 meeting

Report published 27 September 2008

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Anne Ashurst and Penny Vincenzi

Anne Ashurst and Penny Vincenzi

Penny Vincenzi doesn’t plot.

As she told RNA members and guests at September’s New Cavendish Club meeting, when she starts a book she has her characters, she has their setting, she knows where she is going, but not exactly how she is going to get there. The resultant journey is as much a delight for her as she hopes it is for her readers.

Most of her best-selling books have come to her as a ‘What If?’ moment. ‘What if your husband asked you to lie for him?’ sowed the seed for The Dilemma. Passing a church where the bride was obviously very late, Penny wondered ‘What if she never turns up?’, and that became Another Woman.

She writes for a set number of hours a day, and each book takes her a year. (Penny doesn’t advise breaking your wrist—it’s murder to type with a plaster on and disrupts the schedule something rotten. Fortunately, she has an understanding editor.)

For pleasure, Penny enjoys reading crime and biographies and Had Words to say about the snootiness displayed by a lot of ill-informed people towards popular fiction. The audience responded with a loud cheer at this point.

All in all, a thoroughly entertaining meeting. Many thanks for speaking to us, Penny.

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