RoNA Categories

For all categories, the book must be at its heart a genuine romantic novel - a detailed definition of what is meant by this is in the rules of entry.

The seven RoNA categories are as follows:-

The RoNA for a Contemporary Romantic Novel: Mainstream romantic novels set post 1960. This category can include romantic suspense and erotic romance.

The RoNA for an Epic Romantic Novel: Romantic novels with a broad and sweeping scope. May be either contemporary or historical and may include time-slip.

The RoNA for an Historical Romantic Novel: A romantic novel set pre-1960.

The RONA for a Paranormal or Speculative Romantic Novel: A romantic novel that may be paranormal, fantasy, science fiction, time-slip etc.

The RoNA for a Romantic Comedy Novel:  A romantic novel intended to be consistently humorous or amusing.

RoNA Rose: A category/series or shorter romance that focuses on the developing love affair between the hero and heroine.

The RoNA for a Young Adult Romantic Novel: A romantic novel where the main characters are teenagers or young adults.

The RoNA rules are available for download at the bottom of this page.

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