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Conference 2014 - If Only I’d Known

Report published 21 July 2014

Liz Harris was brilliantly frank and informative about her first year as a published author. “It was a terrible year!” was in fact her summary of the twelve months from signing her contract to seeing her book in print.
Sadly it was not a year spent reveling in pride at her fantastic achievement but a year involving a lot of hard work. An enormous amount of input is required from the author throughout the publishing process which is not necessarily obvious to those who have never been through it. The author will be required to respond to input from the publisher on the following:

 Top line Editing
 Copy Editing
 Proof Reading

Each of these stages takes time and is your chance to make the book truly shine so should not be skimped upon.

Then there are author bio’s, acknowledgements and dedications to write as well as providing marketing support in the form of social media presence, blogging, interviews, organization of book launches etc...

All this needed to be done by Liz alongside the writing of her next book to a deadline. It was clear Liz wished that she had something in the same genre that had been previously worked on to lighten the pressure and workload during that critical time.

Having also been through my first year as a published author I can certainly identify with the fact that no-one prepares you for the additional work being published entails. It maybe a dream come true but you are also being paid and therefore it is also a job with commitments and pressure. The only note I would like to add to Liz’s wise words is that if you are lucky enough to get a publishing deal that should never be afraid to ask loads of questions as to what to expect, be realistic about you time and remember you are living your dream and many other peoples dreams so take the time at some point to enjoy it, revel in it and thank your lucky stars.

Report by Tracy Blythe

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