Event report

Conference 2014 - Selling from the shelves

Report published 21 July 2014

With Matt Bates (WH Smith travel) and Richard Lee (Waterstones).

It was really interesting to hear how different booksellers go about choosing the titles that grace their stores. For Waterstones this has become a centralised head-office decision with the individual shops having very little say in the books they stock. For WH Smith Travel, although big publishers are paying for space and those all-important
rankings, this is still very much a passion-led decision.

Top tips for getting stocked in stores

• Great cover
• Brilliant title (a location in the title could pay dividends)
• Strong blurb (quotes about the book tell a reader nothing about the story)
• Look at the market. See what’s working for bestsellers… then copy it… sorry, adapt it

A very lively question and answer session ensued.

Great information, helpful advice and…can I please sit in the front row next time?

Report by Mandy Baggot

It's a fact

In 2013, 1 in every 8 fiction books purchased in the UK was romance.