Notes for NWS applicants

Notes for applicants for the New Writers’ Scheme :

After your membership application has been processed, you will receive details of how to send in your manuscript.

The closing date for manuscripts is 31 August 2018. You will be asked to submit your manuscript as a Word document or rich text file by then. 

We have changed to a digital submissions process in order to reflect changes in the publishing world (most editors and agents now prefer to receive submissions digitally, and much of the editing process now takes place on computer), as well as to streamline the administration of the Scheme and decrease the cost to NWS members.

Other points:

  • You may only submit one manuscript to the NWS per year.
  • The NWS cannot critique manuscripts longer than 120,000 words.
  • The critique is a final report, not the start of a conversation with your reader.
  • If you do not think you will get your manuscript finished, you may submit a partial together with a synopsis. There is no reimbursement of the reading fee if you do not submit by 31 August.
  • If you are accepted for publication you should let both the NWS Organiser and the Hon Membership Secretary know as soon as possible, as your membership status will change.
  • Published members (or those accepted for publication) are not eligible to join the New Writers’ Scheme, although if you are accepted for publication in the year you join the NWS, you are still entitled to send in your manuscript for critique.

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