Lesley Eames wins the 2009 Elizabeth Goudge Trophy

Tuesday 21 July 2009

Katie Fforde and Lesley Eames

Katie Fforde and Lesley Eames

An extremely sparkly Conference Gala dinner was the setting for the presentation of the 2009 Elizabeth Goudge Trophy.

This year’s theme was the first 1000 words of a novel in which an email or text has gone awry. Chairman Katie Fforde said all the entries had been of a tremendous standard and likened the task of picking a winner to deciding whether you liked apples or pears best today. Or cherries. Or strawberries. Or even melons.

However, after reading, re-reading, and comparing notes with fellow judge Catherine Jones, she decided to award the trophy to Lesley Eames for When It All Goes Wrong, which she described as sparkling, with the prose leaping off the page. There was no preamble and she really wanted to read on.

Two entries tied for second place:

Kate Thomson with Love Potion Number 9.0—a quirky take on a Harry Potter theme which was sparkly and funny and again, Katie wanted to read on.

Stephanie Cage with An Unexpected Date—a creepy (in a good way) idea with an intriguing mystery.

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