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An Interview with Carole Matthews ~ 1 Jul 2016

Carole Matthews, best-selling, award-winning author and recipient of an RNA Lifetime Achievement Award takes Romance Matters through her writing world.

Do Your Own Thing ~ 21 Oct 2015

The Diamond Sorter ~ 22 Jul 2015

Adrienne Vaughan interviews Kate Bradley, senior commissioning editor for Harper Fiction.

Rembembering Hugh Crauford Rae 1936-2014 ~ 1 Feb 2015

Hugh Rae was one of the most gifted, most professional and nicest authors I have ever worked with.

It all started the day the dustbin men came! ~ 5 Nov 2014

Veronica Henry won the Romantic Novel of the Year Award for her novel, A Night On The Orient Express. She talks to Romance Matters editor Adrienne Vaughan about her career, her inspiration and being a brat!

A Change is as Good as a Rest ~ 4 Jun 2014

Switching genre, how hard can it be? Best-selling novelist and proud RNA member Adele Parks wondered if she had a death wish!

Liz Harris Goes Wild in Wyoming ~ 4 Oct 2013

Taking to the saddle in the name of research.

Please don’t stop the writing ~ 23 Jul 2012

Sound advice from all-round winner Jane Lovering as she talks to Myra Kersner

Penny Halsall ~ 23 Jul 2012

24 November 1946 to 31 December 2011

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It's a fact

When David Szelnick bought the rights to Margaret Mitchell’s 'Gone With the Wind', only six months after its 1936 publication, the whole world cast Clark Gable as Rhett Butler before the ink was dry on the contract.